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(Super Glue) Non-Marking Clasp 5.8*5.8cm

  • Color: Transparent
  • Waterproof, oil proof, dust proof
  • Replacement for faulty adhesive snap lock bathroom storage shelf,mop clip, etc
  • No glue residue after removal of adhesive snap lock pad.
  • Suitable for any smooth surface (Example: glass, ceramic tile, plastic products, metal products, smooth painted walls and wood products).
  • 颜色: 透明
  • 防水、防油、防尘
  • 更换有故障的粘性弹簧锁浴室储物架、拖把夹等
  • 去除粘性弹簧锁垫后无胶水残留。
  • 适用于任何光滑表面(例如:玻璃、瓷砖、塑料制品、金属制品、光滑的油漆墙壁和木制品)。

1 Box 4pcs Seegreen Mask Fullerene Protein

Authentic Seegreen Mask Seegreen Fullerene Protein Fluorescent Mask:     Contains many plant extrats, Fullerene, Gentiana Scabra, Haematococcus Pluvialis and

1 Pack Images Collagen Lip Mask

  • Collagen Crystal Lips Gel Mask Membrane Moisture Lip.
  • Anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, lifting, moisturize.
  • Put the lip film closely adhered to your lips, gently pat to firmly affixed.
  • Take off the lip film after With 10-15 minutes to make sure the essence of collagen is completely absorbed .

1 Pack White Rice Skin Beauty Mask

  • Whitening
  • Balance water and oil
  • Nourish skin
  • Improve dry skin

1.2mm x 32cm 微烟少灰香 (柚叶 , 茉莉 , 薰衣草)

  • Various styles of fragrance
  • Environmental friendly
  • Clean
  • Less smoke, Less ash
  • No scald hand
  • 各种款式香味
  • 清香自然 香味清淡
  • 干净卫生
  • 少烟 少灰
  • 不烫手

1.3mm x 32cm Eley Jatukam Thai Smoke Free Stick Incense 300g

Dimensions Dimensions; 1.3mm x 32cm Weight Weight: 300g 32 cm 300g pack Aromatic, environmentally friendly, smoke-free, pollution-free, mellow taste

1.3mm x 32cm 真哪啦茗香 Chinarak Thai Smoke Free Stick Incense 300g

  • [名称]:泰国真哪啦茗香[长度]:32cm[重量]:300克装[特点]:香细、环保、微烟、无污染、味道香醇
  • [Name]: Chinarak Thai Black Stick Incense
  • [Length]: 32cm
  • [Weight]: 300g pack
  • [Features]: fine fragrance, environmental protection, slight smoke, no pollution, mellow taste

1.3mm x 32cm 诚缘檀皇香无烟 Cheng Yuan Sandalwood Joss Stick Smokeless 700g

【品种】檀香 【规格】香的总长度 32(厘米) *单支香的直径(毫米)33cm 1.3mm,700g/把

1.3mm x 38cm 檀香 700g

【品种】檀香 【规格】香的总长度 38(厘米) *单支香的直径(毫米)38cm 1.3mm,700g/把

1.5小时柚叶塔香/盘香 1.5hours Pomelo Leaf Incense Coils (240pcs)

  • Incense Coils  塔香
  • Pomelo Leaf  柚叶
  • 1.5 Hours 1.5小时
  • 240pcs 240个

10 in 1 Fruits And Vegetable Cutter

Type: Kitchen Practical multi-functional slicer set Applicable Place: Home Kitchen Outdoor Picnic vegetable cutter: Food Container Multi-Function Kitchen Tools